Ashoka Cut Diamond: What Makes It Special?

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Ashoka Cut Diamond

The story of the Ashoka cut diamond is deeply woven into the fabric of history, tracing back to an ancient time when empires were vast and emperors were as legendary as the treasures they possessed. This unique diamond cut is named after one of India’s most celebrated rulers, Emperor Ashoka Maurya. His reign, which lasted from 268 to 232 BCE, was marked by conquest and then a remarkable turn to peace and Buddhism.

Among the tales of his reign and conversion, the legend of the Ashoka Diamond arose. This original diamond is said to have been an amazing gem whose size, brilliance, and unique cut attracted the attention of all who saw it. Although the exact details of the appearance and location of this primordial stone are shrouded in mystery, it was considered to be an extraordinarily beautiful gem with remarkable properties.

Centuries later, the Ashoka cut as we know it today was developed to capture the essence of that legendary original stone. The modern cut was designed to produce a diamond that mirrors the brilliance, the elongated shape, and the aura of majesty that the ancient diamond was believed to possess. 

What Does an Ashoka Cut Look Like?

This diamond is cut in a way that makes it look longer and more elegant than many other diamonds. It has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and is cut with as many as 62 facets, which are the small, flat surfaces on a diamond that help it reflect light. It’s closer to the emerald cut, but this is more than the typical diamond, which means Ashoka cuts shine more brightly than emerald cuts and have a lot of sparkles. 

Why The Ashoka Cut Is So Special?

Firstly, this type of diamond is quite rare. To make an Ashoka cut, you need a diamond that’s naturally longer than most. These longer diamonds aren’t as common as finding stones for usual different diamond shapes, so finding one that can be cut into the Ashoka style is a rare event. Because of this, owning an Ashoka cut diamond means you have something that not many other people might have.

Another reason the Ashoka cut is special is its unique look. This diamond has a particular shape that’s both elegant and eye-catching. It’s cut into a long rectangle with soft, rounded corners, making it different from the more common round or square cuts. Plus, it has up to 62 facets, more than many other cuts, which allows it to catch the light and sparkle more intensely. This means that whether it’s set in a ring, a necklace, or earrings, an Ashoka cut diamond draws more attention because of its bright sparkle and distinctive shape.

Finally, there’s a bit of history behind the name “Ashoka.” Named after a famous emperor from ancient India, the diamond cut carries with it a sense of history and luxury. Owning an Ashoka cut diamond is not just about having a beautiful piece of jewelry; it’s also about carrying a piece of history with you. Lots of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Priyanka Chopra are lovers of this diamond cut. 

So, the Ashoka cut diamond is special not just because it looks beautiful, but also because it’s rare, unique, and has a story behind it. For anyone wanting something a bit different from the usual, an Ashoka cut diamond is a perfect choice.

Where to Find Ashoka Cut Diamonds Online

If you’re on the hunt for that perfect Ashoka cut diamond, there are several online options where you can start your search. Each of these retailers brings something different to the table, making it easier for you to find that special gem.

Ashoka Diamond Official Website

A direct and simple way to find genuine Ashoka cut diamonds is by visiting the Ashoka Diamond official website. This site is dedicated entirely to Ashoka cut diamonds, offering a range of jewelry pieces from engagement rings to elegant necklaces. Shopping directly from the source ensures that you’re getting an authentic Ashoka cut, made with expertise.

Ashoka Cut Diamond rind

47 Jewelry

If you are open to modern alternatives, such as lab-grown diamonds, then 47 Jewelry provides an exciting option. Their collection of lab-grown Ashoka cut diamonds can be found on their website (47 Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamonds). This is a fantastic choice for those who are environmentally conscious and looking for more sustainable jewelry options without compromising on the luxury and uniqueness of their diamond. And remember that lab-grown diamonds are not inferior in value to natural ones. 


For those who prefer seeing their options in a more comprehensive setting, Kwiat, a well-known name in the jewelry industry, offers a beautiful selection of Ashoka cut engagement rings. You can browse their collection online at Kwiat Ashoka Engagement Rings. Kwiat is known for its quality, ensuring that the diamond’s unique features are highlighted in every piece.

Ashoka Diamond Drop Earrings

In conclusion, the Ashoka cut diamond offers a unique blend of history, rarity, and beauty. It’s not just another gemstone but a piece of art that carries a story and an elegance that can elevate any piece of jewelry. If you’re looking for a diamond that goes beyond the ordinary, the Ashoka cut might just be what you’re looking for.

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