Blake Lively Jewelry on Super Bowl Review

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Blake Lively Jewelry on Super Bowl Review

At the 2024 Super Bowl, Blake Lively drew attention for her presence and her daringly stylish look, which blurred the lines between high fashion and sports style. She was dressed in an oversized red tracksuit referencing 90s pop culture and sporty aesthetics. However, it wasn’t just her outfit that was eye-catching; Lively adorned herself with an incredible collection of jewelry.

Blake Lively Jewelry 

Blake Lively showed her love for bold jewelry at the Super Bowl by wearing many gold necklaces, some big bangles, and a special chain bracelet. Let’s take a closer look at every piece of jewelry that attracted the majority of fans’ attention.

Blake Lively Super Bowl Necklaces: More than $150k

Necklaces were one of the most expensive parts of the “jewelry look”. They weren’t just accessories; they were a statement. Mixed with her sporty chic look, it’s as if Blake Lively was redefining what it means to be a fan at a football game. She’s blending worlds – the high fashion of gold jewelry with the down-to-earth vibe of athletic wear. All three necklaces were from Tiffany & Co

Blake Lively Super Bowl Necklaces: More than $150k
$18.5k Graduated Link Necklace with 18k gold | $62k Bold Graduated Link Necklace | $78k Graduated Link Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with diamonds.

The First one is a $18.5k Graduated Link Necklace with 18k gold and 18 inches in length, this necklace is both a statement maker and comfortable for everyday wear. Its design captures the essence of elegance with a rebellious twist, perfect for those who appreciate luxury with an edge. The next one is a $62k Bold Graduated Link Necklace in Yellow Gold. And last, but not least is the $78k Graduated Link Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Pavé Diamonds. Total: $158,500.

Bracelets for $300k and a Little Secret for Husband

At the Super Bowl, Blake Lively showcased a stunning array of bracelets (14 bracelets)  that perfectly balanced elegance and a bold statement, reflecting her unique style. She mixed different kinds, wearing a plain link bracelet that cost $12,500 and another one with diamonds for $26,000. She also had on a cool twisty cuff by Elsa Peretti for $12,300, a big doughnut-shaped bangle for $29,000, and a similar one in silver for $1,825. To top it off, she wore special lock bangles filled with diamonds, one in yellow gold for $40,000 and another in white gold for $16,000. Each of these pieces, with their style and price, made her look really special and showed off her great taste in fashion. The most expensive one was a double-row bracelet in white gold with diamonds for $54,000. 

Bracelets for $300k
$40,000 lock bangle with diamonds in yellow gold | $39 T1 Wide Diamond Hinged Bangle | $54,000 double-row bracelet in white gold with diamonds

Total is $331,925. 

Notably, her jewelry included a special bracelet with “best friends” charms, symbolizing Deadpool and Wolverine, as a nod to her husband Ryan Reynolds‘ roles in the Marvel universe. This personal touch added a layer of sentimentality to her glamorous look.

Photo: @blakelively

She wrote on her Instagram: 

I treated a friendship bracelet like a Flat Stanley for my husband like I didn’t realize it wasn’t ‘07. I borrowed more jewelry than the skelton in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The look was completed with 2 pairs of Tiffany earrings: solitaire diamond earrings ($1,650) and Elsa Peretti snake earrings ($4,000).

So, the total cost of Blake Lively’s  jewelry on Super Bowl is $496,075

Gossip Girl’s bracelet choices for the Super Bowl show us that mixing different styles can create a look that’s both fun and eye-catching. She cleverly combined pricey pieces with unique shapes and designs, like simple chains, shiny diamond bracelets, and those playful doughnut bangles. Each piece of jewelry wasn’t just a fancy accessory but a part of her unique style story for that day. It proves you can mix things up – from super expensive to more affordable pieces, from classic to quirky designs – and still look amazing, that’s a must-have in different types of jewelry for every woman. This approach to fashion is a cool reminder that wearing what you love, in a way that feels right to you, is what truly makes an outfit stand out.

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