Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring Turned Into a “Divorce Rings”

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We have already reviewed the incredible Megan Fox engagement ring. This time, it’s Emilia Ratakovsky’s engagement ring, but it’s a bit of a special occasion. In the vibrant whirl of Emily’s life, where the glitter of fashion meets the gleam of precious stones, Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring’s transformation into a “divorce ring” stands as a testament to her journey of self-discovery and independence. This narrative is not just about the metamorphosis of a piece of jewelry but also a reflection of Emily’s deep-seated love for gems and her unique approach to personal milestones.

From the moment Emily and Sebastian Bear-McClard exchanged vows, their choice of wedding bands was anything but conventional. Opting for a personal touch, they sourced gold from an unexpected find in Manhattan’s Chinatown and, under the guidance of artisan jewelry, crafted their rings with their own hands. This DIY spirit underscored their relationship’s initial chapter, blending intimacy with the irreplaceable value of personal craftsmanship.

Emily Ratajkowski's Engagement Ring Turned Into a “Divorce Rings”
Photo: @emrata
Emily Ratajkowski’s recycled engagement ring

Emily’s affinity for jewels is well-documented, tracing back to her various collaborations and appearances within the jewelry design world. Her engagements with designers like Jacquie Aiche and the innovative duo Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin highlight her penchant for integrating jewelry as the centerpiece of her style narrative. Her collaboration with Spinelli and Kilcollin, known for their distinctive multi-banded pieces, and her involvement in Alison Lou’s campaign, signal a deep-seated appreciation and knowledge of jewelry design. This backdrop of collaborations and personal preferences sets the stage for the rebirth of Emily Ratajkowsk’s engagement ring.

The transformation process of Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement ring, under the creative direction of Alison Lou, mirrors her journey from unity to self-empowerment. This decision to reinvent rather than discard her engagement ring speaks volumes of her approach to life’s transitions — embracing change with grace and redefining symbols of the past to reflect personal growth and independence. The narrative unfolds as a dialogue between Emily’s design vision and her chosen collaborator, resulting in a piece that celebrates her new chapter.

The genesis of the “divorce ring” is a story of collaboration, innovation, and self-expression. Just as her wedding bands were born from a blend of personal effort and artistic guidance, the engagement ring’s evolution was a meticulous process, involving dozens of sketches and a deep dive into the aesthetic and symbolic aspects of the design. It’s a reflection of Emily’s belief in the enduring allure of diamonds as symbols of resilience, beauty, and self-love.

Emily Ratajkowski's Engagement Ring Turned Into a “Divorce Rings”
Photo: @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski’s journey with her engagement ring, from its conception to its reinvention, is a narrative steeped in the love for jewelry, the joy of personal expression, and the power of transformation. It underscores a broader trend of reimagining traditional symbols to reflect individual stories and growth. As Emily continues to explore her affinity for jewels, her “divorce ring” stands as a beacon of creativity, empowerment, and the ever-evolving relationship between personal identity and the objects we hold dear.


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