Selecting Your Perfect Heart Cut Diamonds

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Heart-cut diamonds stand as a testament to enduring love, their shape is a clear declaration of romantic intent. With their origins steeped in history and their appearance embodying a contemporary flair, these diamonds are not just gems but symbols of affection. Their brilliant facets, often enhanced by French tips, cast a radiant glow, making them a favored choice for engagement rings and statement pieces alike.

Diving into the world of heart-cut diamonds, we find ourselves enveloped in the ultimate emblem of love and affection. This guide aims to explore the allure of heart-cut diamonds, their rich history, and the intricate balance of their benefits and considerations. With a style reflective of bold love and modern aesthetics, let’s navigate through the choices that make heart-cut diamonds a captivating choice for those looking to express their deepest sentiments.


History Of The Heart Cut Diamond

Far from being a contemporary invention, the heart-cut diamond has historical roots stretching back to the 1460s. It first appeared in written records during an exchange between Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo, signaling its noble beginnings. By the 1560s, it was part of royal exchanges, notably when Mary Queen of Scots gifted one to Queen Elizabeth, symbolizing friendship and goodwill. Given its complex cutting requirements, especially in earlier times, heart-cut diamonds were highly valued and sought after by royalty.


Heart Diamond Shape Meaning

Choosing a heart-cut diamond is a declaration of love, a symbol that speaks louder than words. It’s not just about the visual beauty; it’s about what the shape represents—endless love and devotion. Whether set in an engagement ring or a pendant, a heart-cut diamond is a testament to passion and commitment, making every glance a reminder of the love it symbolizes.


Diamond Heart Cut: Pros & Cons


  • Distinctive Appeal: The heart-cut diamond’s fancy shape sets it apart, offering a unique aesthetic compared to more traditional cuts.
  • Symbolic Meaning: Carrying a profound symbol of love, these diamonds are perfect for expressing deep emotional bonds.
  • Versatile Styles: Available in various proportions, from the more rounded to the elongated, heart-cut diamonds can suit different tastes and settings.


  • Cut Precision: Achieving the perfect heart shape demands exceptional skill, making symmetry and proportion crucial to its beauty.
  • Protection Needs: The pointed tip of the heart-cut diamond requires careful setting choices to prevent damage.
  • Comparison to Round Cuts: While offering a unique alternative, heart-cut diamonds might not always match the brilliance and universality of the round brilliant cut. 

Heart Shaped Diamond Settings

To truly honor the heart-cut diamond’s symmetry, the ideal width-to-length ratio is crucial. A perfectly proportional diamond will look natural and stunning on any hand. For optimal protection and aesthetics, consider these settings:

  • Five-Prong SettingSpecially designed for heart-cut diamonds, this setting uses five prongs to secure the stone, protecting its form and enhancing its appearance.
  • Bezel Setting: Encasing the diamond in metal, this setting is perfect for smaller stones, focusing attention on the heart’s unique shape while offering superior protection.

There are also other settings available for the heart-shaped diamond, so choose according to your taste.
Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart-cut diamonds merge the allure of historical significance with the beauty of modern design, offering a unique way to express love and commitment. Whether set in a protective five-prong setting or encased in a sleek bezel, these diamonds capture hearts not just with their brilliance but with the depth of meaning they carry. Ideal for those seeking to make a statement of love, heart-cut diamonds are a radiant choice that reflects passion and elegance.

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