How Diamonds Are Mined: The Way to Jeweler

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How Diamonds Are Mined: The Way to Jeweler

Ever wondered how those shiny diamonds make it from deep in the earth to your favorite piece of jewelry? Let’s find out, step by step, how these shiny stones are born, what step is the most important, and how the usual stone turns into a gem.

How are Diamonds Mined

Finding a Kimberlite

The first step in getting diamonds is knowing where to look. Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth under extreme heat and pressure. They make their way closer to the surface through volcanic eruptions, contained in rocks called kimberlite. The trick is finding these rare rocks. Miners use clues from the Earth’s surface to figure out where these volcanic pipes might be and start their search there. For example, the biggest diamonds on Earth mostly came from Botswana or Angola. 



Once a promising site is found, it’s time to start mining. There are two main ways to mine diamonds: open-pit mining and underground mining.

Open-pit mining is like digging a huge hole in the ground, gradually going deeper while keeping the sides of the pit stable. It’s used when diamonds are found near the Earth’s surface.

Underground mining is the method used when diamonds are deep down. It involves creating tunnels and shafts to reach the diamonds without removing all the rock above them.

Both methods require a lot of care to keep everyone safe and to make sure the operation is efficient.


Once the kimberlite rock is mined, it needs to be broken down to find the diamonds inside. This is done in a facility where the rock is crushed into smaller pieces. Despite diamonds being the hardest natural substance on Earth, the process focuses on the kimberlite rock, not the diamonds, which generally come out unscathed. This step is more crucial than it sounds and here’s why: diamonds are hidden inside other rocks. To get them, you first have to break these rocks into smaller pieces. 

The rocks are first crushed to medium size in one machine. Then, they go to another machine that crushes them even more, into even smaller pieces. This step-by-step approach helps in sorting out diamonds at different stages without missing any.


Next, the crushed rocks go through a sorting process. Since diamonds have a unique ability to repel water and attract grease, these properties are used to separate them from other materials. There are also other methods, like using X-rays, to spot and separate the diamonds. For example, DeBeers sort their diamonds in Botswana. 

Cutting and Polishing

Once the diamonds are sorted, they’re sent off to be cut and polished. This is where they really start to shine. Cutting is a precise art, as it determines the diamond’s final shape and how it reflects light. Polishing then makes it sparkle. Most countries that mine diamonds also cut them. 

But, there are places, where diamonds are cut perfectly.

 The actual cutting is a careful process. Cutters use specialized tools to shape the diamond, slowly transforming it from a rough stone into a gem. It’s a bit like sculpting, where every cut must be thoughtfully placed. If the cutter removes too much, or cuts in the wrong place, it could ruin the diamond’s potential. So, they proceed with caution and precision. Once the basic shape is formed, the diamond moves on to getting its facets, those flat surfaces that make a diamond reflect light so brilliantly. The number and arrangement of these facets depend on the diamond’s shape and style. For instance, a round diamond typically has 57 or 58 facets. Each one has to be carefully carved and polished.



Finally, the diamonds are ready to be set into jewelry. Jewelers carefully place them into rings, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces, securing them so they’re ready to catch the eye and light up a room. To be sure, that your diamonds are perfectly set into jewelry, better find a reliable jewelry store

The journey from the Earth to your jewelry box is long and involves a lot of hard work and precision. Next time you admire a diamond, remember the incredible journey it has been on. Whether it’s an everyday piece or something for a special occasion, the story behind how diamonds are mined adds an extra layer of appreciation for these stunning gems.

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