Oscar 2024 Jewelry Trends: See What the Celebrities Wore

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Oscar 2024 Jewelry Review: Best of the Red Carpet

At the Oscars 2024, the red carpet was full of stars wearing some really cool jewelry. From fancy brands like Louis Vuitton to Bulgari, celebrities showed off their style with pieces that caught everyone’s eye. Let’s talk about some of the best jewelry we saw at the event.

Emma Stone 

Emma Stone at Oscar 2024
Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton necklace.

Emma Stone won Best Actress at the Oscars 2024 and she wore some really special jewelry for the occasion. She had on a necklace and earrings from Louis Vuitton, a famous fashion brand. The necklace was made of white gold with sapphires and diamonds, and it looked really pretty. Her earrings matched, also made of white gold and diamonds. This jewelry set made her outfit look even nicer and showed off her style on the big night.

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy at Oscar 2024
Cillian Murphy in his golden brooch dedicated to the film “Oppenheimer” | Photo: @cillianmurphyofficiall

For the Oscars 2024, where Cillian Murphy won Best Actor for his role in “Oppenheimer,” he wore a very unique piece of jewelry. He had on a custom brooch that looked really interesting because it was made up of eight trapezium shapes, all lined up together.

The brooch was made by Sauvereign, a company from Hong Kong that makes fancy art pieces. It was designed by Bertrand Mak, who’s the main person behind Sauvereign. They made this brooch entirely out of yellow gold, and it’s meant to remind people of the atomic bomb called Fat Man, due to its shape and design. A craftsman named Kari Voutilainen, who usually makes watches, put the final touches on it. He added a special pattern that makes the brooch sparkle in a way that Sauvereign says looks like a bright flash before everything goes dark.

This piece wasn’t just picked off a shelf; its creation started in December when Cillian Murphy’s stylist, Rose Forde, met with Bertrand Mak and asked him to create a brooch for Murphy. Mak was excited about the project, even though they didn’t know it would end up being worn at the Oscars. He was ready to design it even if Murphy only wore it around the house.


Zendaya at Oscar 2024
Zendaya at the Oscars 2024, wearing beautiful pink gold with morganites earrings from Bulgari.

Zendaya really stood out at the Oscars 2024, wearing beautiful jewelry from Bulgari. She chose earrings made of pink gold with morganites, a type of stone that gave her a soft, peachy-pink shine. Along with these pretty earrings, she wore a pink gold bracelet filled with diamonds, making her wrist sparkle. To finish off her look, she wore a fancy ring that matched the rest of her jewelry. Zendaya’s pick of Bulgari pieces added some extra glam and class to her outfit, making her look even more stunning at the event.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria at Oscar 2024
Eva Longoria in a necklace with diamonds from Bucherer high jewelry | Photo: @evalongoria

Eva Longoria looked amazing at the Oscars 2024! She wore a beautiful necklace with lots of diamonds from Bucherer high jewelry, a fancy jewelry brand. The necklace had a big shiny diamond right in the middle. She also wore a cool diamond ring on her finger that looked like a snake. To finish her look, she picked simple diamond earrings. Her sparkly jewelry made her outfit look extra special and fancy.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt in a diamond choker from Tiffany & Co.

Emily Blunt went all out with her jewelry at the Oscars, wearing a bunch of diamond pieces from Tiffany & Co. She had on a big diamond choker and added a three-strand diamond necklace to it. She didn’t stop there; she also wore diamond stud earrings and a big diamond ring that caught everyone’s eye. 

So, at the Oscars 2024, the stars really shined with their amazing jewelry. Emma Stone looked beautiful with her sapphire and diamond set from Louis Vuitton, adding extra sparkle to her big win. Cillian Murphy brought something unique to the red carpet with his custom-made brooch that had a cool story behind it. Zendaya glowed in her peachy-pink Bulgari jewelry, showing off her great style. Eva Longoria dazzled everyone with her diamond necklace from Bucherer and a snake-like diamond ring, making her outfit pop. And Emily Blunt went all out with diamonds from Tiffany & Co., wearing a mix of necklaces and a standout ring.

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