Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds: Best Places Online

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Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. Whether you’re shopping online, looking around in stores, or even thinking about getting something custom-made, the key is to know where to look. These gemstones are a smart choice for those who want the beauty of a diamond without the high cost or worry of where it came from. For example, Jennifer Lawrence wore a necklace from Swarovski with lab-grown diamonds to the Oscars 2024. 

Here’s our list where you can buy lab-grown diamonds:

  1. VRAI
  2. Ritani
  3. Clean Origin
  4. With Clarity
  5. Grown Brilliance
  6. Blue Nile
  7. Sevan
  8. Best Brilliance
  9. LL Private Jewellers
  10. Diamonds Factory Canada


VRAI Lab Diamond Jewelry
VRAI The V engagement ring | Pavé Hoops | Orion Necklace

First up, VRAI. They’ve got an awesome lineup of lab-grown diamonds that are all about being kind to the planet. What’s cool about VRAI is that they’re pretty serious about quality, and eco-friendliness. Even Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan, investing in their vision for sustainable, gorgeous diamonds.

He said:

I’m proud to invest in [VRAI’s] Diamond Foundry Inc. – sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.

So, it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for something that feels both modern and eco-friendly.


Ritani Lab Diamonds Jewelry
Ritani 6.00 CTW Oval Lab Diamond & Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet | 1.60 CTW Lab Grown Blue Sapphire & Diamond Cushion Halo Stud Earring | 14kt Gold Round & Princess Diamond Cluster Pendant

Then there is Ritani. If you ever wanted to design your ring, but felt a little anxious. Ritani makes it easy. They provide diamond certifications from GCAL, GIA, and IGI. Find out, what you need to know about diamond grading, and which diamond certificate is the best before buying. You choose everything online and then they send your design to the nearest local jeweler. You can see and try on a product before buying. It’s like a safety net to make sure you love your ring before you commit. 

Clean Origin

Clean Origin Jewelry
Clean Origin 1/5 ct. tw. Arrow Huggie | Kim Ring | 1/2 ct. tw. Oval Helaine Pendant

Clean Origin is all about transparency and ensuring you’re happy with your purchase. The cool part about Clean Origin is how they focus on clarity—not just in their diamonds, but in how they do business. They have a unique 100-day return policy. Sometimes, 30 days is just not enough to realize whether the jewelry is good for you, especially with rings or earrings. If you never wore any of this kind of jewelry, in 30 days you’ll just get used to wearing jewelry, and then you have time to decide whether it’s for you or not.

With Clarity

With Clarity Jewelry
With Clarity Lab Diamond Chain Link Bracelet | Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant | Round Cut Lab Diamond Twist Hidden Accent Engagement Ring

With Clarity offers the best of both worlds: online shopping convenience and a try-before-you-buy model. You can design your ring, and they’ll send a replica to your home. It’s perfect for online shopping. You don’t need to be a diamond expert or have a big budget. They guide you through the whole process, from choosing the right stone (like those lab-grown diamonds we talked about) to picking the perfect setting. The diamonds have IGI certificates, which is fine for lab-grown diamonds.

Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance Lab Jewelry
Grown Brilliance Round Lab Grown Diamond Tulip Prong Tennis Bracelet | Heart Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Pendant | Princess Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings |

Grown Brilliance has everything from rings that are ready to slide onto your finger to loose diamonds that let you start from scratch and design your dream piece. Their big thing is making sure you get a high-quality diamond without the steep price tag that usually comes with it.

Also, they want to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. They give you information about the diamond in a way that’s easy to understand, so you’re confident about what you’re buying.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile Lab Jeweelry
Blue Nile Lab Grown Diamond Circle Pendant In 14k White Gold | Lab Grown Diamond Pavé Bangle Bracelet | Lab Grown Diamond Oval Cut Eternity Ring

Blue Nile is a big player, in online diamond shopping. They’ve got everything you could want, and their website is super user-friendly and makes finding your perfect diamond or setting. 3D representation of the diamond that you chose. They were one of the first to sell diamonds online, and they really nailed it. You can find pretty much any diamond, pick the setting you love, and create something just right for you, all from your couch. They’ve got experts on standby, too, making the whole process super easy.

Design by Sevan 

Design by Sevan
Photo: @designbysevan

Over in Toronto, Design by Sevan brings a personal touch to diamond shopping. They’re super friendly and have a great selection of both lab-grown and natural diamonds. It’s the spot if you prefer face-to-face service and want to feel connected to the process. They don’t just sell you a diamond – they help you discover the one that’s right for you, based on your tastes, budget, and values. The most important part of choosing jewelry – find a reliable jewelry store or a jeweler you can trust. 

Best Brilliance

Best Brilliance Lab Jewelry
Best Brilliance
Candice Lab Grown Diamonds Bracelet | Claudia Lab Grown Diamond Ring | Susan Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

They’re really good at giving you the best options without the high markups you might find elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for a ring, earrings, or a necklace, Best Brilliance has a bunch of choices, and they’re all about helping you find reasonable prices without overpayments.

LL Private Jewellers

LL Private Jewellers Lab grown Diamonds
LL Private Jewellers Atalya 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Three Quarter Marquise and Round Diamond Eternity Ring | Lab Diamond and Sapphire Flower Earrings

In Vancouver, LL Private Jewellers specializes in custom pieces that truly reflect you. They’re all about personal service, working with you to bring your dream jewelry to life. It’s like having a creative partner in the jewelry-making process.

Diamonds Factory Canada

Diamonds Factory Canada
Diamonds Factory Canada Setting Round Diamond Fashion Ring | White Gold Round Diamond Hoop Earring | 4 Prong Setting Side Stone Halo Engagement Ring

Last but not least, Diamonds Factory Canada democratizes the custom jewelry game. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to design a unique piece without spending a fortune. Despite, the price for lab-grown diamonds being lower, they’re still gemstones. Their team is super supportive, guiding you from the initial idea to the finished product. The user-friendly website and helpful customer service team make it easy for you to design your dream jewelry with lab-grown diamonds. 

So, there you have it. Whether you’re eco-minded, looking for a deal, or dreaming of something uniquely yours, there’s a perfect place out there for you to find your lab-grown diamond. 

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